Our story

Where the idea came from

The idea of beautiful yet functional outdoor modules was born in our heads quite a long time ago. It came to us during an architectural study in a residential development near Prague. We didn’t understand why most of the nice and not so cheap houses have an unsightly fence. And if a fence is worth it and the owner has invested a lot of money in it, why does it have only one goal – to separate the land from the neighbour. Yet they could have gained much more from it.

That's why we have been asking, thinking

The SIJA multi-purpose fence is from the higher TILAA series, whereby it brings the possibility of variability by fitting many accessories. Fully folding seating, shelves, drying rack, blackboard, or shower. With all this, you can complete your fence in any area. Like shade your pool, or patio.

Our diligence has borne its first fruit

After 6 months intensive work, we won an award for the first time. Winning the Grand Prix at the FOR ARCH fair in the Czech Republic showed us that what we do makes a lot of sense. And when we were awarded The Red Dot Design Award in 2020, we knew we were heading in the right direction.

We started the first implementation

We’ve come a long way since our idea was recognised by the most rigorous judges around the world. We have obtained worldwide patent protection, perfected the first products presented in competitions, recruited new colleagues, and started to implement them. And we have gained our first customers – owners of terraced houses and larger detached houses. In a short time, we were also approached by several towns and villages who were interested in our solution. Therefore today, you can use smart outdoor modules in public spaces.

And how is it today?

The original idea of multi-functional fence systems has developed into further novel ideas and solutions:

  • Outdoor classrooms for schools, kindergartens
  • Elements for the equipment of information centres in towns and villages
  • Addition of workout playground furniture
  • Unique outdoor kitchen

We develop more new solutions, talk to you about possibilities and bring AITAA as close to you as possible.

Our vision is clear. We want the benefits of AITAA smart fences to be available to everyone, everywhere in the world.

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