You don’t have to take care of the wood without surface treatment. Siberian larch, like all wood, changes colour.  Over time, the Siberian larch slats become unevenly grey, but this has no effect on their function. If you would like to delay the graying as much as possible, you can paint the wood with a protective coating (e.g. varnish, impregnation, oil, wax).

Generally, it looks like the Bez module. So you can agree with your neighbour and split the expenses in half.

We will deliver the modules to you disassembled. Each module is shipped in a separate package.

Assembly is carried out according to the instructions, using the standard fasteners (screws/nuts/washers) included in the package. The anchors are attached to the supplied threaded rods, which are anchored to the concrete with a chemical anchor (chemical anchor not included).

Before delivery of the AITAA modules, the concrete strip must be prepared according to the drawings (available in the “Downloads” section), either in the pre-cast concrete version or in the permanent shuttering version.

The warranty period for all AITAA products is a standard two years from purchase. The warranty period applies to the AITAA module as a whole.

No, at the moment we only offer the typified ones.

Yes, it will. The hinged roof of wooden slats is only a shading element.

All the information you need can be found in the section Complaints and Returns. If you are still unsure, please contact our customer support.

The metal structure is made of structural steel and treated with hot-dip galvanizing as standard.