AITAA warranties


For AITAA products, we provide a statutory guarantee period of 2 years, both for modules with a structure in a colored design (i.e. treated with powder paint) and for modules with a structure treated only with a base layer of zinc

The warranty covers damage caused by hidden defects in materials or manufacturing or damage caused by such defects.

Liability rights for defects in the goods for which the warranty period applies are extinguished if they have not been exercised within the warranty period.

Keep the delivery note and proof of purchase of the product carefully for the entire duration of the warranty for possible complaint procedure.

The warranty does not cover defects arising from:

  • transport, handling and storage
  • unprofessional installation
  • improper treatment
  • improper use or maintenance
  • mechanical or other damage to the product in an unexpected situation (e.g. fire)
  • natural wear and tear
  • use of the product under improper or extreme conditions
  • natural disasters or other external climatic influences
  • specific characteristics of the materials, such as the formation of cracks in the type of wood used


To maintain the aesthetic and utility properties and to avoid premature deterioration of the product, we recommend regular inspection and maintenance at an interval of once every 6 months. Maintenance is important especially before and after the winter season.

In the event of loosening, the fasteners must be tightened to prevent damage to the product.

If the foundations for anchoring are visible, a regular visual inspection of their compactness, integrity or mechanical damage is necessary.

Use water with a mild detergent or soap solution to clean surfaces.

The use of chemical solvents, alkalis, acids of any kind or other aggressive preparations is prohibited. Acetone or petrol-based cleaners must not be used on stainless steel parts.

It is forbidden to use spatulas, scrapers, knives, wire cutters and other sharp objects or sand-based abrasives that could scratch or abrade the surface (cause corrosion) when cleaning the surface of the products.


The packaging is made as protective, designated only for transport. Even for temporary storage before assembly, the product must always be unpacked from the shrink wrap. This prevents condensation of air moisture under the packaging and damage to the surface of the products.

The products must be immediately installed or stored in a dry ventilated warehouse or open area covered with a tarpaulin so as to protect them against dust while ensuring sufficient ventilation.

Failure to comply with the above conditions may lead to product deterioration for which the manufacturer accepts no liability.