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It is independent, elegant, stylish. This module serves as a link between other TILAA products and as a stand-alone fence. It can be used from both sides.

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Product description

Siberian larch laths are a timeless element that never gets old and will remain trendy forever. Create an aesthetically pleasing nook. Cover an unsightly wall with it.


  • Use it as a design element in your garden.
  • You can combine it with your existing fence.
  • It’s suitable for fences made of common materials and for fences made of living plants.
  • Or build a whole fence out of it.
  • It can also cover an unsightly wall.
  • And create aesthetically pleasing nook.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (width x height x depth) 2000 x 1800 x 300 mm
Material Siberian larch, steel
Steel surface finish  hot – dip galvanized/ powder coated
Wood surface finish   natural – without further surface treatment

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The great thing about our fence modules is that they can be beautifully combined together.
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