Thanks to their advantages and design solutions, our TILAA and SIJA multifunctional modules can also be used in schools or kindergartens.

Outdoor classroom TILAA

The TILAA series fully meets the high demands of outdoor classrooms. The individual modules incorporate integrated elements so that by simply folding the seat cushion, you can create a full-size table with two benches for six pupils. The Seat module can be complemented by the Flower box element, in which students can plant herbs and observe the result of their work together. The blackboard will be used to finish the outdoor classroom to its final form.

Outdoor classroom SIJA

The SIJA series is based on the higher model series TILAA. The difference can be found in the module body’s design. The SIJA has a single-shell design where the elements are mounted, which fold, like the TILAA, onto the outer shell, but do not hide in its body. Despite this design difference, the SIJA offers a full range of useful features. We equip the classroom with seating, a blackboard and flower or herb boxes.

But what about the outdoor classroom when it is not in use? By folding the Seat back into the module, you get reopen the space for the free movement of pupils or for a small warm-up. Both TILAA and SIJA series can be combined with each other to create an outdoor classroom according to your wishes and possibilities.

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